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New Stuff!

This week's #WeeklyChallenge is linked to your community choice board theme for this week: NATURE! Check it out! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

We're having another sing-along...this time, bring your jammies!

Welcome to Online Music Class!


While we are away, we can still make music! On this website, you will find lots of musical resources, worksheets, videos and other fun ideas to fill your days with music!  If you take pictures, make recordings or videos, or make an instrument: PLEASE SEND IT TO ME! I'd LOVE to see your work! You can click                to get it to me.


Remember that music is all around us. 


This is my challenge for you: Where do you find music in your life? Is it in nature? In your room? At the grocery store? In your favorite movie or TV show? I can't wait to hear all the ways in which you found music!  I'll see ya later alligators!

                                                                          Love, Mrs. Scala-Bolduc

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