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5th & 6th Grade

Learning Targets

*These are YEAR-ROUND learning targets that we work on for TWO grades. Many of you can already show me "hints" that you are a MASTER of these goals. See if you can choose a couple of these to work on at home!*


  • I can perform music in easy keys, meters, and rhythms with limited ranges, both instrumentally and vocally.

  • I can model good posture and technique when I am singing and playing instruments. 

  • I can identify and read musical notation, symbols, and dynamics (low/soft).

  • I can listen to and describe simple examples of the elements of music including pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, form (ABA, Rondo), meter, phrases, style, and major/minor (happy/sad, spooky) harmony.

  • I can use my knowledge of technique, musical notes/symbols, style and dynamics to compose and perform a song.

  • I can use my knowledge of technique, musical notes/symbols, style and dynamics to create or perform song of different styles and genres.

  • I can describe and apply the steps of creative problem-solving to work with other musicians.  When many musicians work together, it is called an ensemble.

  • I can make positive choices that will lead to success in music (time management, interactions with other musicians, practicing, goal-setting).

  • I can describe how the performing arts help people understand history and/or world cultures. 

  • I can describe how the arts apply to other subjects (for ex.: Counting rhythms is just MATH).

  • I can describe the contribution of the arts on lifestyle and career choices (for ex.: Without composers, Jurassic Park wouldn't have ANY MUSIC).

  • I can describe and compare art forms. 

  • I can identify and demonstrate positive skills necessary to get along with others and participate in the arts.

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