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PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

Learning Targets

*These are YEAR-ROUND learning targets that we work on for FOUR grades. Many of you can already show me "hints" that you are a MASTER of these goals. See if you can choose a couple of these to work on at home!*



  • I can accurately perform a short song with my voice and on an instrument alone or with others. 

  • I can show how to sit tall and play the instruments properly.

  • I can read some musical notes, symbols, and dynamics (loud/soft). 

  • I can listen to music and hear these contrasts (opposites):

    • loud/soft 

    • fast/slow

    • high/low

    • long/short beat 

  • I can use my knowledge of tempo (how fast) and dynamics (how loud) to create a short song.
  • I can use creative problem-solving skills to work with other musicians.  When many musicians work together, it is called an ensemble.

  • I can find the arts (music, visual art, dance, theater) in my life experiences.

  • I can observe, listen to, describe, and ask questions about art forms.

  • I can use respect for others, personal space, and kind words to have positive participation in the arts.

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