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Challenge ONE


Challenge TWO


Challenge THREE (It's a big one!)


1). Watch this video about the symphony orchestra and the conductor's job.

2.) Find a song you'd like to conduct and figure out if its in 2-meter, 3-meter or 4-meter (do this by keeping the steady beat and counting out loud: does it sound better when you count to 2, 3 or 4).3.)

4.) Grab a stick, a wand, a spoon, stand nice and tall, and conduct your song! Can you record it? Send it to me if you do!

Challenge FOUR 


Challenge FIVE 


Remember when we talked about Mexican machete dancing? I want you to make your own Mexican Machete Dance for Cinco de Mayo! Make sure you ask permission and use butter knives or plastic knives. Be safe and have fun!

Challenge SIX 


Check out this SUPER cool instrument called a "hammered dulcimer". There are dulcimers that you can pluck with your fingers (kind of like my autoharp), but this one uses tiny wooden mallets to strike the strings. What other instrument uses tiny mallets to strike the strings? Does that help you figure out which instrument family this is part of?

Here's the challenge part: Do you think you could recreate something like this with items from your house? It could be as simple as rubber bands stretched across a shoebox, or a piece of wood and some metal cords.  See if a grownup can help you! As always, send me what you come up with!

Challenge SEVEN 

Challenge EIGHT 



Press the button below to check out an awesome, interactive video by Google today! You can learn all about the Mbira!

3.) Watch this video to learn how to conduct these different patterns.

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